North Tram Cabin in Testing, Maybe Reopening Soon


Tuesday morning, POMA, managers of the Roosevelt Island Tram, began testing on the north cabin. It’s been shut down since July 6th for track rope replacement.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

As the north Tram cabin (L) inches slowly over the East River, the active south cabin is about to pass. If you look closely, you will see a worker on the upper left, perched on the south tower. Maybe working on the frightening jiggle reported by many since the south cabin returned to operations.

Apart from regurgitating its original, inadequate announcement, over and over, RIOC failed to share any information on progress. The expensive but largely AWOL state agency under Governor Kathy Hochul may be operating out of its office in the Dominican Republic and unaware of any Main Street happenings.

Nevertheless, although the testing may indicate progress toward reopening the north cabin, all construction barriers remain in place. Long lines continue during restricted services.

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