Roosevelt Island Tram at work

The Tram is back at full service, but more work is ahead


RIOC’s vaunted Communications Team failed to tell you, but the Tram is back at full service. The change occurred on Monday, and the news spread by word of mouth.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

The Roosevelt Island Tram: Back at Full Service

Tram cabin arriving at Roosevelt Island, yesterday.

It’s anyone’s guess why RIOC’s overstaffed Communications and Community Relations Team couldn’t pull together a short notice on Monday. But as the week started, full service Tram operations did too.

But there’s more.

First, because of the COVID surge, RIOC is now limiting passengers to 55 per cabin. There’s no apparent rationale for this change, and it’s way too high for social distancing. With help from Public Safety and operator enforcement,though, masking is well-enforced.

For the future…

The recently completed work is just the first of three phases that will require shutdowns. Mechanical work on the pulleys is done, but track rope replacement and floor work are ahead. Neither has been scheduled yet, and the likelihood is that RIOC will hold off until spring.

We will keep you posted.

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