A driver and a rider: latest additions to the Maskless Hall of Shame

A driver and a rider: latest additions to the Maskless Hall of Shame

Readers nominated two new additions to the Maskless Hall of Shame, and they sent photos. Disregard for the health and welfare of everyone else still plagues Roosevelt Island.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Reports confirm a growing frustration with unvaccinated and face mask refusing folks. Not only are they endangering others, especially children, they’re retarding a return to normal because, through their carelessness, they spur an upswing in new cases.

It’s a tyranny of bad neighbors and poor citizenship affecting us all, but we hoped RIOC might step up, at least for Roosevelt Island. They have not, at least not enough.

Rumors were around, but this is the first photo I saw…

On a Red Bus on Sunday afternoon.

…of a maskless Red Bus driver.

Not really a shocker for the public safety operation that still can control bicycles

But top of the list for the Roosevelt Island Maskless Hall of Shame…

From today…

Today on the Tram…

What makes her special? Let’s let our reader tell her story.

Waiting for a Tram on the Manhattan platform, she saw this woman, the only violator in the crowd, and hoped she’d mask up before boarding.

She didn’t.

“I sent the operator over to her with a mask,” our reader said.

“She held the mask for a few seconds in front of her face but never put it on. She thought somebody was in front of her, and the driver would not see.”

Editor’s note: As part of his responsibility for his passengers’ safety, the operator has an obligation to see. Especially when already alerted to the behavior.

“She took the mask away. That was when I took the photo.”

But the story didn’t end there, though. Instead, it took a humorous turn.

“But now comes the strangest part. The tram arrives at the Island, and she puts the mask on as she leaves the Tram.

“How stupid can a person be?”

We can’t answer that yet, but the bar is getting higher and higher.

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