Should acts of kindness go unrecognized? We hope not.

Should acts of kindness go unrecognized? We hope not.

It’s Sunday morning, June 5th, around 9:30 a.m. Joyce Keating passes the turnstiles and enters the Roosevelt Island subway station, but when she reaches the escalators, something happens. “I went head over heels, seeing ceiling, steps, ceiling, steps, finally coming to a stop with a huge bang to my head.”

Several people rushed to her aide, but in her trauma, she lost their names. Now, she hopes to contact them.

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Roosevelt Islanders to the rescue

Here’s where Joyce Keating had her fall, and several Roosevelt Islanders dropped everything, rushing to her aid.

“My wish is to contact/thank the two women who stopped to help,” Keating says.

In her own words…

“Both of these women were very kind to me, while on their way with their own plans for the day. But they both stopped anyway, and one of them called the ambulance. 

“They didn’t know each other, but both gave me their names without my asking. Not surprisingly, I remember nothing. and at the time I wouldn’t have been able to write anything down even if it had occurred to me.

 “I want to thank them and see if they (or anyone who was on that escalator at the time), might fill in a few holes for me. 

“I do know that my shoes flew off my feet and my glasses flew off too because another kind Roosevelt Islander walked back up the escalator to where I was sitting (waiting for the ambulance) and said he found them toward the bottom of the steps.” 

Spontaneous acts of kindness should not go unrecognized

Acts of kindness matter because they make us feel good, but also because they inspire us to do the same for others.

Please help Joyce Keating find the helpers who came to her aid. If you were one of the thoughtful neighbors who helped or were at the Roosevelt Island subway station on Sunday morning, June 5th, around 9:30 a.m., or know someone who was, please contact The Roosevelt Island Daily News here.

All comments are confidential. We will share whatever information you give us with Joyce Keating.

“My small toe was broken as well as my collar bone,” she tells us, and now she wants to thank those who kept it from being much worse.

Thank you!

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