Details: Free To Be You, Four Freedoms State Park, June 18th


Yesterday, we reported on plans for a family fun day, next weekend, in FDR Four Freedoms State Park. And now, we’ve got all the details. Register and set aside the day.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Details: Free To Be You

FREE Mini Festival for kids of all ages

Hosted by the Four Freedoms Park Conservancy

  • Latin Dance Class by Ballet Hispánico – Drag Story Hour – Face Painting
  • Composting and Planting Class by local RI resident Christina Delfico of iDig2Learn – Face Painting – and more!
  • The event is FREE to the public — Registration is required.

Click HERE to register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/359553804107

Don’t miss it — Space is limited – Register today!

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