As coronavirus infections soar, RIOC keeps failing with more maskless on Red Buses


Coronavirus infections soar, fueled by the Delta variant, but one small group has absolute immunity. Immunity from responsibility, that is, as RIOC keeps failing at enforcing mask mandates on Red Buses.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Note: all photos submitted by readers

The only plausible excuse for RIOC’s dereliction at enforcing mandates issued by Governor Cuomo is their immunity from responsibility. Having evaded accountability for numerous recent fails, protected by a feckless board and see-no-evil electeds, the state agency apparently rolls along without guardrails.

A little over a year ago, Susan Rosenthal at the helm, RIOC lead the way in the fight against spreading the coronavirus. But now, their efforts fall near the bottom of the heap.

Just three seats away from the driver, in full view, a maskless passenger finds time for his cellphone. He has a face mask, and he’d probably raise it if only the driver asked. RIOC failed at impressing its staff with the importance of protecting residents from COVID-19 or even enforcing its own public health rules.

Coronavirus infections soar while RIOC naps

Yesterday, I took a Red Bus ride, hopeful I’d see better than what readers posted on Facebook, but I saw worse.

A woman boarded, wearing a mask, but pulled it down, in full view of the driver, as soon as she was seated. Then, a man boarded without a mask at all and rode to his stop, also in full view of the driver.

It’d be easy saying the driver did nothing, but in fact, he did less than nothing.

Steering the bus through the middle of town, he passed a PSD officer idling at the curb outside RIOC’s new offices. A quick stop could’ve resolved the problem of maskless passengers, helping the majority of passengers stay safe. As a bonus, it might serve as an example, reminding the reluctant that privileges come with responsibilities.

But, of course, the driver rolled on, clearly unaware of any focus on public safety.

Mask up or walk? Too much for RIOC as coronavirus infections soar.

When will anyone in authority ever get a handle on this indifferent public operation?

For the record, RIOC collects in excess of $20 million annually from residents. And $4 million of it goes to public safety.

For what?

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