Ballet Hispánico at FDR Four Freedoms State Park, Pride Month


Posing in colorful costumes on the steps at FDR Four Freedoms State Park, Ballet Hispánico celebrates Pride Month in 2022. The steps are decorated with the city’s largest pride flag, this year featuring the arrow of progress.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

About Ballet Hispanico

Ballet Hispánico meets the progress arrow on the largest pride flag in New York City in Roosevelt Island’s FDR Four Freedoms State Park. Photo credit:  Steven Pisano

Founded in 1970, Ballet Hispánico is America’s premier Latino dance organization. They celebrate the ever-evolving diversity of cultures through dynamic dance performances, unique educational opportunities and an inclusive environment that embraces all.

Diversity is at the heart of everything they do, bringing people together, celebrating our commonalities, appreciating our differences and exploring the American experience through a Latinx lens. Everyone has a seat at the table and a voice in the conversation.

Latino dance is an ever-evolving art form that reflects the changing cultural landscape of America. At Ballet Hispánico, they create a more inclusive society by sharing the joy of dance with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

The group is proud to be a leader in promoting Latino arts and culture and is committed to making programs accessible to everyone. They offer a variety of free and low-cost events throughout the year, including the annual Festival de la Danza Hispánica, which takes place in New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood.

Ballet Hispånico also offers a variety of educational programs, which provide professional development opportunities for dance educators and aspiring dancers.

Ballet Hispánico is more than just a dance company — they are a family.

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