Same old song as manager Jessica Cerone Exits RIOC

Same old song as manager Jessica Cerone Exits RIOC

Our sources tell us that Jessica Cerone, long a pillar in RIOC’s Communications Team, quietly stopped coming to work in late April. Paired with also disappeared Erica Spencer-EL, who held multiple management positions, Cerone played a critical role in successes like FIGMENT and The Girl Puzzle Opening.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Jessica Cerone (Left) at a Black History Month event in 2020. With her is PSD Chief Kevin Brown, and in background are Community Liaison Erica Spencer-EL and CEO Susan Rosenthal. Two years later, only Brown remains with RIOC.

The passive exit of Cerone adds to a long list of RIOC managers leaving under President/CEO Shelton Haynes’s watch.

The unsettling trend started almost immediately when well-respected Public Information Officer Terrence McCauley lasted only a month with Haynes. It continued with established managers like Spencer-EL disappearing without a word and with new executives like Debra Kustka leaving after less than three months.

Cerone had been with RIOC for nearly 7 years, and her most recent position was Manager, Community Affairs, according to LinkedIn.

Note: Although both Cerone and Spencer-EL have left RIOC, the secrecy-shrouded state agency still lists them a primary media contacts on its website.

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