RIOC's New - and Old - Board Member Fay Christian

Old is new. Fay Christian returns to RIOC Board of Directors


After four years away, Fay Christian returns to RIOC’s Board of Directors where she served from 2008 until 2018. Board membership is uncompensated. It requires appointment by the governor and approval by the State Senate, which is expected as early as today.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

RIOC’s New – and Old – Board Member Fay Christian

Although Christian’s appointment without consulting with residents will stir some controversy, she has the distinction of having once been voted on. In a passing flirtation with democracy in 2008, the governor’s office honored local advisory voting.

Christian emerged as one of the winners in that election. She resigned in 2018.

Conditions have changed with RIOC since 2018 with the embattled state agency more shrouded in secrecy than ever.

But bunker mode is not one Christian will find comfortable. The Rivercross resident’s open, outgoing personality is not a match for it.

Article: Fay Christian Objected to the First Winter Wonderland Debacle in 2017

She will also be the first woman appointed to the RIOC board in over a decade. Based on her prior experience, expect her to be active and more independent than the current sheepish contingent that never challenges executive leadership.

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