CBN Takes High Road After Being Nearly Skunked by NYCT/RIOC

It won’t change the botched allocations squeezed out by a strange group of supposedly unbiased, yet well-informed individuals cooked up between RIOC and the New

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Update: What Went Wrong? Bungling Public Purpose Grants Again

Understanding what went wrong – again – with distributing public purpose funds starts with a single point. It’s an aggravating factor that’s existed for years.

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Spurned in PPF Shakeup, Common Council Goes On Attack

The Common Council, led by Frank Farance, launched an unbridled attack on the Carter Burden Network as well as this newspaper yesterday. The Roosevelt Islander

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Ethical consideration of RIOC’s Public Purpose Grants

This year, RIOC funded Public Purpose Grants finally get the ethical consideration they deserve. Through an undisclosed intervention, the New York Community Trust earned responsibility,

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Anger Now On the Rise: RIOC Bungles Public Gift Giving

Public gift giving through Public Purpose Grants marks a rare opportunity for aiding community groups in their mission. But RIOC repeatedly bungles the process, and

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