Is the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse Project Stalled?

Is the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse Project Stalled?

Over a year ago, alongside work on The Girl Puzzle, the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse restoration was underway, projected for a finish in 2021. But some things went wrong, and RIOC missed another suggested finish in February. Where does it stand now?

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Roosevelt Island Lighthouse restoration appears unchanged for weeks but no word from RIOC.

Updates on the project were infrequent in the past couple of years, but hopes were that the historic lighthouse would be done in time for The Girl Puzzle ribbon-cutting. That happened on December 10th. At the time, the work looked about as it looks now.

Some problems plague the site, but the only one we’re aware of is the glass in the tower. Breaks forced engineers to reconsider recommendations. Because the state agency in charge is so secretive, we don’t know more.

However, in RIOC’s January newsletter, a February finish was projected. No further updates, newsletters or board meetings have taken place in 2022.

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