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Roosevelt Island COVID Rates Now, Vaccines & Boosters


Roosevelt Island COVID rates for infections remain under 1% but a rise is likely. Cooler weather brings us indoors, giving the Delta variant more chances for spreading. Good news, though – our vaccination rate is decent and boosters are here.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

For Now, Roosevelt Island COVID Rates Are Under Control

In September, PSD officers began riding on Trams, enforcing mask mandates. The word spread. Today, there’s less enforcement but more compliance.

Recently, the Department of Health reports only one positive test for COVID for Zip Code 10044, on average. You can see why.

Roosevelt Island’s relative remoteness gives us a buffer against infection similar to what we get with crime. Because we’re still part of a crowded city, our protection’s not complete, but it’s always a plus.

But a good part of it is a credit to a community that looks out for each other. Without a word from drivers, for example, Red Buses cruise Main Street routinely with every passenger, even children, masked. Late in the summer, RIOC’s Public Safety Department stepped up its presence on buses and in Tram cabins. Enforcement increased awareness, good enough for good neighbors.

That’s not saying we can’t do better, though.

Where Do We Stand on Vaccines?

Although Roosevelt Island is doing well fighting off COVID infections, our vaccination rates lag behind every nearby community. Our community vaccination rate is 79.1% for first does, not enough for herd immunity, but every neighboring community in Queens reports from 85 to 100%. We can do better.

And last week, the Food and Drug Administration okayed vaccine booster shots for all adults. You can even mix and match between Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, although a six month wait after your second shot is required. Johnson & Johnson’s single shot vaccine requires only a two-month wait.

Getting fully vaccinated and seeking a booster will improve Roosevelt Island COVID rates and make everyone safer. The City’s helping with websites that indicate regular locations for getting shots and where pop up vaccine sites are open daily. (Duane Reade/Walgreens, the only Roosevelt Island resource, is Moderna only.)

Let’s push Roosevelt Island COVID rates even lower on our way back to normal.

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