Roosevelt Island Lighthouse Park Community Workshop


Roosevelt Island Lighthouse Park

Community Workshop

January 8th, 2020/6:00 to 8:00 P.M.

A Roosevelt Island Lighthouse Park Community Workshop was announced by RIOC president Susan Rosenthal, last week. Community involvement increased recently with the state agency.

Rosenthal announced the workshop at a presentation about the Nellie Bly Memorial, The Girl Puzzle by Amanda Matthews. That installation will also find a home on the Island’s north end.

Although there’s been frustration with RIOC’s handling of some recent actions, inclusion for folks who live here brings welcome change.

More importantly, it broadens democracy where a community has no say in the main governing body’s composition or activities. In short, RIOC doesn’t have to do this, but they are. We appreciate it.

About Lighthouse Park and the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse Park Community Workshop

The Roosevelt Island Lighthouse Park Community Workshop brings into focus the restoration and expansion of a popular if somewhat neglected historic space.

The Roosevelt Island Lighthouse was built in 1872. It presides over daunting currents in Hell Gate. When it was still known as Welfare Island, Thomas Edison caught a glimpse in this 1903 video.

Video shot by Edison as his boat cruised down the East River catches the lighthouse. It also takes a fascinating look at the Island from a century past.

RIOC aims to restore the Lighthouse to something closer to its original look. Planned work includes “restoration of the stone tower facade, two windows, removal and replacement of stairs, observation platform, lantern house, and non-original lighting.”

The workshop, set for January 8th in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, from 6:00 to 8:00, has greater ambitions than just the lighthouse. In focus, RIOC asks the community “…to help create a vision of the new, expanded Lighthouse Park.”

Fresh ideas and creative conversations are welcome. RIOC’s wants to hear from you and hopes you will be there.


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