Blackwell House, winter afternoon

RIOC Responds Fast to Our Report on Its Desecrated Flag


Yesterday morning, we published our report on the desecrated flag shredded and stuck between trees outside Blackwell House. RIOC’s response was swift, and the flag was freed by afternoon.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

The Blackwell House flagpole with its desecrated American flag now taken down.

New York State law requires that government buildings follow a strict rule for when and how the American flag is flown. That says that flags should be held to a sunrise to sunset routine. RIOC got into trouble because it failed to follow that guideline for months. During that time, strong winds, rain and snow shredded the flag, ripping it into pieces which got stuck in opposite directions.

Desecrated flag outside Blackwell House.

This condition lasted until a resident pointed it out to The Daily. Our report followed. RIOC noticed, finally. We know, also, that at least one other resident reported it into the state agency’s ticketing system.

Bottom line: the desecrated flag is down and RIOC learned a lesson about showing respect for our country’s best known symbol.

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  1. The only flag Shelton Haynes cares about is that domestic terrorist flag Black Lives Matter flag

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