In Pictures: January 29th, 2022, Morning of the Coastal Snowstorm


When the coastal snowstorm swept into New York City, winds and snow buffeting Roosevelt Island, the forecasters had it about right. Snow fell overnight, and wind chills dropped below zero. But the community barely stumbled.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Well before daybreak, crews were out, clearing streets and sidewalks before the more powerful bands of snow came through. They kept at it all day, and at least on Roosevelt Island, the impact was small.

RIOC‘s crews were busy. For those of us needing to get out early, Main Street sidewalks were cleared, even as winds kept blowing in fresh snow.

Rare inactivity at the center of town, Good Shepherd Plaza.

The Roosevelt Island Tram Plaza. If you had to get somewhere, the cabins ran on time, cutting through the coastal snowstorm.

Even before the heaviest snow fell during midday, isolated drifts reached a foot and a half.

The subways ran too, and paths were cleared through at the entrance and bus stop.

High winds swept Riverwalk Commons clear, but Red Buses kept their rounds, on time.

An aerial view, East Main Street just before the the coastal storm sent the heaviest, windiest blasts through.

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