UPDATE: Street Parking Ban Flubbed by RIOC – Again


“An update will be provided when parking restrictions are lifted,” RIOC wrote in their Thursday storm advisory. The restrictions ended yesterday – Saturday – at 2:00 p.m., but they didn’t bother telling you. So, The Daily is providing the service.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

UPDATE, January 30th, 11:00 A.M.: RIOC now says the parking restrictions from the coastal storm have NOT been listed, even though sloppily taped up paper notices said they were. This is RIOC dysfunction at its worst, but it can bite you while they idle in New Jersey. In the above photo, you can clearly see the paper notice taped to the big Snow Emergency sign. They were also distributed to some buildings.

Because RIOC’s alleged Communications Team, a four person staff operating out of New Jersey, relies heavily on email templates, established years ago, they simply adjust dates and times and leave the rest untouched. So, they probably never noticed the above paragraph and, for the fourth straight storm, failed to follow through.

As of this morning, most Main Street parking spaces remain empty, with drivers unaware the ban had been lifted.

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