Coastal Snowstorm Update for Roosevelt Island, January 29th, 2022

Coastal Snowstorm Update for Roosevelt Island, January 29th, 2022

As sunrise approached this morning, a fresh band of heavier snow from the coastal snowstorm added to about six inches already on the ground. Predicted high winds and near blizzard conditions, so far, have not materialized.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Hours after RIOC put a parking ban in place, it looked like a lot of people never got the message. Amateurish paper notes taped on sign posts were of little use for many drivers.

Radar projections show that the heavier snow will stay with us for a couple of hours as the storm moves inland, powered by moisture off the Atlantic. With areas around the five boroughs reporting roughly five inches earlier this morning, final totals for Roosevelt Island look like around 10 inches.

The parking ban remains in place, although its logic defies explanation. Generally, parking bans are in place to keep narrow residential streets from becoming too blocked to plow. But conditions like that don’t exist on Roosevelt Island. Poor communications coupled with aggressive ticketing makes local bans look more like state revenue traps.

RIOC’s alleged Communications Team, operating mainly out of New Jersey, has not posted any information about Red Bus or Tram services, although both face obstacles. That is, getting to work poses challenges at least as great as operating under current conditions.

As of 7:15 this morning, Red Buses are on schedule, trailing plows clearing snow along Main Street. Snowblowers have also been busy on sidewalks since early this morning.

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