Holy Smoke! Literacy and Clarity Now Arise in RIOC Advisories

Holy Smoke! Literacy and Clarity Now Arise in RIOC Advisories

After years of mangled content, literacy hit rock bottom at RIOC on July 5th, this year. That’s when a significant advisory concerning an AVAC breakdown bumbled its way into local inboxes. “…these building has been asked to close their garbage chutes,” it read in part. No one from RIOC’s brain trust ever corrected it.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

It was a blue sky moment.

“Due to expected high temperatures/humidity, please be advised that the Good Shepherd Community Center (543 Main St.) will serve as a Roosevelt Island Cooling Center for the next three days,” RIOC wrote in advisory yesterday.

Here at The Daily, we were also pleasantly surprised, realizing that this marked over three weeks of clarity and literacy, without interruption from RIOC.

More than a dozen burbled up from unidentified sources in the state’s local clubhouse since the AVAC debacle.

Sure, a pair of unsettling reminders of days past broke through.

On the 17th, another in the monotonous series of screaming “PRESIDENT SHELTON HAYNES ANNOUNCES…” promos penetrated reality, rubbing oil on the holy icon again. And it aligned with yet another international press release promising to spread the word all across India.

And on the 24th, for reasons unknown – but suspected – “PSD” popped this one: “Come celebrate the 40th annual National Night Out Against Crime, a night that promotes police-community partnerships…”

But this might startle the National Night Out organization because “Against Crime” is not part of their theme. RIOC added it on their own. That might not be as significant, though, as what RIOC left out.

“National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie,” say the founders. RIOC clipped the “neighborhood camaraderie” piece.

But those are quibbles.

So, What’s Up with RIOC’s Sudden Commitment to Literacy?

Inquiring minds wanna know!

In our report on RIOC’s last assault on the English language, we begged Governor Hochul, whose Executive Chamber guides, so to speak, RIOC for help. Maybe she listened.

Objectively, that would coincide with what appears a reduction in the antics activities of RIOC President/CEO Shelton Haynes and President/AVP Akeem Jamal. Except for the single advisory noted above, neither’s name appears on a single advisory since sometime in June.

Instead, we see the familiar “Team RIOC” and a couple of newbies, “The Roosevelt Island Youth Center” and “RIOC Maintenance” as authors. No one claimed credit for the rambling wobbles of the AVAC advisory mentioned above.

We don’t know who pulled the trigger on the switch to RIOC literacy, but it seems clear that Haynes and Jamal have had their keyboard access removed.

That’s good. We can thank whoever is responsible. And keep up the good work!

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