Happy Holiday Gifts for Cat Lovers and Friends

Happy Holiday Gifts for Cat Lovers and Friends

Best Choice Gifts for Cat Lovers

Gifts for cat lovers from handmade artist Deborah Julian bring you a wide choice of cards and artwork that will delight and stay.

High-Quality Famous Artists’ Cats Card Sets

“Each handmade card starts with a giclee print, one just like my fine art, but smaller, that I insert in precut card stock. When it’s folded to 5 x 7 inches, it’s good for framing as well as sending.”

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Welcome Black Cat Lovers

Make room for Cat Art like you and your friends have never seen before…

Billy loves to study everything (including his reflection). I imagine this is what would happen if he were to wander into Monet’s garden. 10.5 X 5.5-inch print. ($28)
Billy (the black cat) and George coming in for the advertised free samples. But Sammy, the shop cat, is on guard and doesn’t want to share his favorite with them. Fun cats visit a cheese shop, looking for free samples. ($28 – $43)
Henri Matisse Las Danse (Plus Cat) ($28 – $38)

Gifts for Cat Lovers: All-Time Favorites

How Gauguin’s painting would have looked if he had lived with my cat George. A Cat Sharing a Bowl of Milk with Paul Gauguin’s puppies. ($28 – $38)

All these and more: Deborah Julian Handmade Art

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