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40% Off Cat Note Card Sets While They Last. Buy Now.


Deborah Julian Art Newsletter, October 2022.

This month it’s all about sales because we are closing out our stock of economy-based notecard packs. They’ve been popular for a long time, but nothing lasts forever. It’s time for change.

A cat reminder about kindness.

Handle with Care, artwork by Deborah Julian. $7.00 $4.20 plus shipping.

Each notecard is 4 x 5 1/2 inches and comes with a white envelope. Sets of five are tied with a colorful ribbon and enclosed in clear plastic packaging.

These notecards are blank inside, making them perfect for attaching to birthday gifts, change of address announcements, thank you notes, keeping in touch with friends or any other occasion.

They make cute, inexpensive gifts – guaranteed to delight any cat lover! Even better at 40% off the retail price.

What’s on sale?

A Lazy Afternoon by Deborah Julian.

Life is good. $7.00 $4.20 plus shipping.

A Champion Sleeper by Deborah Julian. $7.00 $4.20 plus shipping.

Cats are curious, yet content to stay in one place. They are also one of the few animals whose brain is more similar to a human’s brain than a dog’s brain.

17 Fun Facts About Cats You Probably Don’t Know

Can’t decide…

Assorted Pack of Four Cat Notecards by Deborah Julian.

Cats in all their originality.

$5.50 $3.00 plus shipping.

Are there cats in Amerstam?

Tuxedo Cat (Cat Museum, Amsterdam) by Deborah Julian $7.00 $4.20 plus shipping.

The Cat Tile (Amsterdam) by Deborah Julian. $7.00 $4.20 plus shipping.

Book Suggestions for Cat Lovers (Not 40% Off)

The Last of Our 40% Off Cat Notecard Packs

City Cats by Deborah Julian.

What are they looking at? Who are they waiting for? $7.00 $4.20 plus shipping.

The Perfect Sleeping Place by Deborah Julian.

So perfect, it provokes envy. $7.00 $4.20 plus shipping.

Find all of these cards and much more on Deborah Julian’s Etsy Website.

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