Good Friends Cat Art by Deborah Julian


Good friends cat art makes it simple and obvious… Who needs an invitation to have fun? With good friends, it’s spontaneous, instant pleasure.

by David Stone

Good friends don’t need a special invitation… to have fun! 8 1/2 X 11-inch print $28/ ©Deborah Julian Art

Deborah Julian is a cat artist whose work sells on Etsy and at seasonal markets in New York City. A fine art photographer, she finds that her cats inspire a different accent in her work.

In this artwork, her cats — Sam, George and Billy — exercise their playful natures around an antique hutch. Each shows his personality in his own unique way.

As friendship gifts go, Good Friends Don’t Need A Special Invitation To Have Fun! is an expression that says it in a whimsical way, especially for cat lovers.

Good Friends Cat Art Needs No Occasion.

Sam, George and Billy offer a vivid example of how best friends can enjoy each other’s company and still be themselves.

Three cats make an example of how to get along. Each has a unique personality and different skills. They don’t look alike, but they know they are cats.

And cats need other cats to use all that feline energy, in play and adventure

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Good Friends Don’t Need A Special Invitation To Have Fun, Cat Art by Deborah Julian on Etsy.


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