The absolute worst? RIOC failing to honor officers felled by COVID

The absolute worst? RIOC failing to honor officers felled by COVID

As reported by the Roosevelt Islander blog, PSD officers Corey Fischer and Wayne Jones were felled by COVID, early in the pandemic, April 2020. RIOC promised a ceremony honoring them but, so far, did nothing.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Two PSD Officers Felled by COVID But Not Honored

The smiling man in the knit cap in back is officer Wayne Jones. PSD Chief Jack McManus (L), now deceased, brought the team to join residents celebrating Halloween in Sportspark in 2018. Photo courtesy of Frank Farance.

When Fischer died, then president/CEO Susan Rosenthal pledged a event that would “celebrate his life and career.” But less than two weeks later, Jones died too. And the exploding pandemic halted public gatherings.

As things began returning to normal, though, earlier this year, current president/CEO Shelton J. Haynes promised a tribute in May. That didn’t happen, and briefly, the failure did not go unnoticed.

At a RIOC board meeting in June, member Michael Shinozaki asked about it.

Corey Fischer, the first PSD officer felled by COVID, was a 28 year veteran of the department. Photo courtesy of the Roosevelt Islander blog.

Haynes blamed an inability at coordinating with the officers families who would be included in the tribute ceremony. Not to worry though, things were on track for a ceremony in August.

But that didn’t happen either. No ceremony honoring the two officers felled by COVID has ever been scheduled. True to form, even Shinozaki forgot about it by the time the next board meeting was held in September.

The Daily hopes this reminder will prompt RIOC to do what it promised in the first place, honoring these officers felled by COVID in the line of duty.

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