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Better Days: Worth and Nancy Howe Theatre Dedication Ceremony


The Howe Theatre Dedication Ceremony on October 26th honored Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance pioneers, Worth and Nancy Howe. RIOC staged a celebration, dedicating Roosevelt Island’s performance space to them.

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island News

Howe Theatre Dedication Ceremony
At the Howe Theatre Dedication Ceremony, left to right, MST&DA assistant executive director Kimbirdlee Fadner, Nancy Howe, Worth Howe, RIOC president Susan Rosenthal and MST&DA executive director Kristi Towey.

On October 26th, 2019, MSTDA and RIOC celebrated Nancy and Worth Howe and their creative gifts to the community.

Worth and Nancy at the Howe Theatre Dedication Ceremony
From the audience, Worth and Nancy Howe enjoy the first show in the Howe Theatre.

Past students, friends and colleagues from all around the country gathered to greet the Howes who returned from their current home in Los Angeles.

RIOC president Susan Rosenthal at the Howe Theatre Dedication Ceremony
RIOC president Susan Rosenthal. The state agency dedicated the theatre inside the Roosevelt Island Cultural Center to the Howes.

Speakers included Susan Rosenthal, Kristi Towey and board president John Dougherty, but it wasn’t over.

Friends for life, MSTDA executive director Kristi Towey embraces the pioneer who planted a fertile artistic future for Roosevelt Island.

The evening wrapped up with a surprise, The Howe Song, by Jonathan Fadner. Kimbirdlee Fadner sang, joined by a group of singers, past students and professional actors.

Worth and Nancy How in Song

Together, they told the personal stories of how Worth and Nancy influenced their lives.

MSTDA assistant executive director Kimbirdlee Fadner leads the group singing The Howe Song. Jonathan Fadner wrote the song just for this event.
Jonathan Fadner at the keyboard.

Nancy and Worth Howe Theatre Dedication in Song

Live The Howe Song, Howe Theatre Dedication Ceremony
Nancy and Worth Howe surrounded by friends, fans and admirers, all come to celebrate.

Catch event photos and more at the MSTDA Facebook page devoted to the Howe Theatre Dedication Ceremony.

The marks left by Nancy and Worth Howe will not soon be erased. The theatre they build, the programs will stand as permanent reminds after everyone’s forgotten the Howe Theatre Dedication Ceremony.

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