The Soup Lady at work, Roosevelt Island Farmers Market

The Soup Lady and Me


About The Soup Lady

By Esther Yang

The Soup Lady (R) with her biggest fan.

Margot — The Soup Lady — is her name. She is an Island residence, and a usual fixture in the Roosevelt Island Green Market. She’s saved me these past few months when I’m too exhausted to cook. Despite having developed hundreds of my own recipes that can be cooked in under 20 minutes with 5 ingredients (they’re all posted on my Instagram page @esther.yang), The Soup Lady’s soup has been like manna and a comfort to my soul.

During difficult times, I miss my mom’s cooking and phone calls. My mom passed away years ago but I still miss her every day. She always knew when I was feeling out of sorts since she would phone at that precise moment. Even when I wasn’t in the mood to talk, she would leave funny messages like, “Esther, I can hear you breathing, pick up the phone!!!.” She would continue calling until I picked up the phone. Although I found it annoying, now that she is gone, I miss her sweet calm funny voice.

I certainly am the same way with my daughter. Instinctually I know when my daughter is not herself, and I do the same. I call her. Sometimes though I am not as funny as my mom since I tend to be a worried mom. Nevertheless, my daughter Grace is always grateful that I called. Phew…

Margot’s soup is second best to my mom’s cooking. I know Margot cooks with her heart, and I can taste her love in the soups. I have eaten almost all of Margot’s line from lentil soup to ginger carrots to gazpacho. If she creates it, I’ll buy it. Her soup is something I look forward to when I’m home after campaigning all day and my voice is hoarse from talking to voters. I even buy extras so I can freeze them and always have something warm.

When I was struggling as a single mom, I was always appreciative of someone taking the time to say hello, drop off dinner or buy us some fruits. In return, I am committed to supporting small business owners. It is my way of sharing the love and paying it forward. #dosmallbiz #buylocal

It’s always nice to stop by Margot’s stall at the Green Market and chat with her. She’s friendly, and her smile is infectious. Non partisan and no purchase necessary. 😊 When you visit her stall, tell Margot – The Soup Lady, Esther sent you.

Why order in everyday meals when you can have the Soup Lady comfort your soul?

The Soup Lady

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