The People, The Art, RIVAA Vernissage 20, Roosevelt Island, New York

The People, The Art, RIVAA Vernissage 20, Roosevelt Island, New York

RIVAA Vernissage 20 opened last weekend, and it was a milestone for Roosevelt Island. The artist collective postponed 2020’s “unveiling” because of COVID, but this year, it happened on time, signalling a comeback.

Roosevelt Island Daily News

Because of lingering COVID and other restrictions, many weren’t able to see the show. In the interest of bringing the art to everyone, RIVAA president Tad Sudol shares his photos from Vernissage 20 with The Daily and its readers.

In life as in art, so often, the people are part of the show.

And filled with knots and transitions.

RIVAA Vernissage 20 - Laura Hussey
Anapsychi (Relaxation) by Laura Hussey.

Laura Hussey’s large paintings, inspired by the Greek islands, have been stopping art lovers in their tracks for years.

RIVAA Vernissage 20 - Valeriu Boborelu
Magenta Being by Valeriu Boborelu

Valeriu (Bobo) Boborelu’s work brings spiritual beings to life on canvas.

Anthony Moran’s work defies ideas about digital creativity. His ability to manipulate pixels opens a door to new vistas.

AnneMarie Danenberg found the lyricism of spring in the interplay of blossoms and people released from winter.

RIVAA Vernissage 20 - Piaskowski

Visitors with, left to right, Ioan Popoiu, Bobo, Piaskowski and Toshiko Kitano Groner.

RIVAA Vernissage 20
RIVAA Vernissage 20 - Toshiko Kitano Groner

Toshiko Kitano Groner has always been a colorist, but in recent years, her work expanded into abstract graphics. Figurative paintings harness abstrations, and she refuses to give in to convention.

RIVAA Vernissage 20

The variety of artwork in RIVAA Vernissage 20 reflects astonishing diversity for such a small town. Roosevelt Island is enriched.

RIVAA Vernissage 20
RIVAA Vernissage 20
RIVAA Vernissage 20

People in art, and the art in people, sparking creativity.

RIVAA Vernissage 20 - Ioan Popoiu
Untitled / Ioan Popoiu
RIVAA Vernissage 20

See RIVAA Vernissage 20, if you can…

This show remains on display until May 30th. Gallery hours are Wednesday and Friday from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. and weekends from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

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