Mornings on Roosevelt Island. Photography by Matt Kuhn


Mornings on Roosevelt Island features pictures taken by Matt Kuhn during photo safaris. They capture the lyrical images of days breaking and the community’s unique position inside New York City.

Roosevelt Island Daily News

Days Dawn, Each with a Different Signature

We’ll let Matt’s photos speak for themselves, documenting his mornings on Roosevelt Island.

The split away from night emerging….

Mornings on Roosevelt Island make the turn into day…

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Roosevelt Island's Caring Cat Sitter

When you can’t be there, treat your best feline friends to Roosevelt Island’s best and most caring cat sitter.

Island House Floor Plans

Island House, Like No Other Home, On Roosevelt Island. Download the Floor Plans.

Twyla Tharp – Art Is a Fresh, Other Way of Living

Twyla Tharp is widely regarded as one of the most influential choreographers and dancers of our time. From a young age, she had a passion for dance that enabled her to create energetic and unique art pieces. She has been credited with redefining the way people view dance in modern culture. This poster helps explain…

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No Show Haynes Again at Landmarks Conservancy Awards

The Lucy G. Moses Preservation Awards were recently presented by the New York Landmarks Conservancy, but RIOC’s CEO No Show Haynes was absent. After falsely claiming credit for restoring the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse, his absence from the event did not go unnoticed. “As usual,” an observer noted, “Shelton was a ghost.” by David Stone The…

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Stationary Head Shop? Now, A Main Street Comedy Spills On

You had to wonder on opening day. A stationery store without any stationery? But was it more of what its colorful sign said: A stationary head shop with goals that didn’t match its agreement with Shops On Main? by David Stone The Roosevelt Island Daily News Since a closing, years before, Roosevelt Islanders yearned for…

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Remember the Adirondack Chairs? Join Now and Make Magic Again

Volunteer for I Love My Park Day at FDR Four Freedoms State Park on May 6th. The surprise treat last summer – richly colored Adirondack chairs welcoming visitors all through the meadow – makes a return on I Love My Park Day on May 6th. Join now. Register to help make the magic return. by…

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Lighthouse Park: RIOC Negligence Digs In, the New Normal

Around Lighthouse Park, the new normal theme is neglect, a failure to promote or encourage visitors after grabbing credit in the past. Not a single sign – on a bus, on a post – directs anyone to the home of The Girl Puzzle. Amanda Matthews’s masterpiece lacks visitors, and few know much of anything about…

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Small But Worth the Time: From the Island of Art

Georgette Sinclair’s exhibit, now at the Octagon Gallery, From the Island of Art is also from the heart with a story to tell. by David Stone The Roosevelt Island Daily News From the Island of Art is an eight-step presentation of an idea that once drove impressions of Roosevelt Island. With Susan Rosenthal at the…

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