What is Roosevelt Island? New York’s City of Tomorrow?

What is Roosevelt Island? A simple question with many answers, none definitive. Because Roosevelt Island is many things, a work in progress, and it depends on who’s looking and what they’re looking for… By David Stone Assorted Ideas, Large & Small Roosevelt Island Is… …an experiment, a work in progress, but results linger on a permanent

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Take the Poll: Is a Bike Ban the Right Idea for Roosevelt Island Promenades Now?

Roosevelt Island promenades reflect the traditional intent: They are there for walking, but times change. Other users, especially bikes, share the space. This raises a lot of issues, from safety to comfort, and we’re offering a poll, asking your opinion.

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Another mysterious RIOC closing. This time, it’s that rarity, public restrooms…

Abruptly, after 6:00 on Friday, the super secret state agency announced that it closed the Southpoint Park restrooms “…due to needed maintenance repairs.” They said “Comfort Station,” but come on. There’s no comfort in those barebones, better-than-nothing facilities. 

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