Art and Artists Dance Past Fumbling RIOC in Winning Fall for Arts


On a chilly autumn day, the art and artists animated Fall for Arts 2022, dancing through and painting over RIOC’s miscues. Powered by the Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association (RIVAA) and Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance (MSTDA), the show went on. It was as if their energy would prevail, no matter what.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

A dozen double-faced murals ringed the Rivercross Lawn, much like in other years. The art and artists were inspired, but the similarities stopped there. Because RIOC originally planned on canceling the event, it wound up late, cooler, poorly promoted and shrunk by half.

Those obstacles did not stand in anyone’s way.

Outnumbering visitors, artists began filling their murals early with colors on a theme of “diversity.” RIOC gave them generous supplies after RIVAA screened the submissions. Photo and above courtesy of Kimbirdlee Fadner, Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance.

The results were outstanding, and with fair weather ahead, the rows of murals will remain on view as long as conditions allow. They deserve a greater audience.

The Art and Artists of Fall for Arts 2022

The arts weren’t all visual. An MSTDA feature got things off to an energetic start.

George Drance: Masala Bhangra©️ Instructor/Ambassador and Artistic Director of Magis Theatre Company led a fun, family-friendly dance class at the Fall for Arts Festival. Joined by Kimbirdlee Fadner (MSTDA Artistic Director) and Roosevelt Island community members of all ages and stages.

At midday, rays of sunlight accented the murals.

Roosevelt Islander Jackie Block shows off the mural she designed for the Fall for Arts Festival..

But the art and artists deserved better. Once RIVAA rescued the show days before it was too late, RIOC barely promoted it, sending out the call for artists after submissions were closed. The dance program? They made a note on their undistributed posters but never mentioned the time.

Visitors arrived too late to appreciate a thrilling performance.

“Food Trucks!” RIOC crowed, but there was only one plus this hot dog cart with few visitors making the effort worthwhile.

A Win for the Artists

Enthusiasm for their work meant that creativity powered through the day. And a lasting effect will run through until winter.

Maybe you can’t beat the art, at least not here on Roosevelt Island.


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