Who’s In Charge Here? RIOC Plus Contractor Equals WTF?

RIOC + Contractor = WTF is a formula that proves RIOC is Ado Annie. “I can’t say, “No,” to contractors is the New York State version of surrender to temptation.

RIOC + Contractor = WTF
Pedestrians forced to walk in traffic by State’s contractor.

Reporting on RIOC’s blind eye to contractor abuse is frustrating. The repetition is also boring, but the hazards to residents and visitors alike are neither.

Note: Less than four hours after we posted this report, someone removed the cones defining the detour. Passage remains difficult, the car’s still there, but at least, no one’s being directed straight into it.

I was determined yesterday to ignore the awfulness of what’s going on north of 40 River Road, looking away as our bus whizzed by.

Reference: ADA Accessibility Guide

RIOC broke its promise to make sure Manhattan Park put up proper signs, and the detour was not ADA compliant. I knew both things already.

RIOC contractors uphill detour is not ADA compliant.
RIOC knows the uphill grade exceeds ADA limits, even without the deep ruts.

Wheelchairs, strollers, elderly are forced up a steep incline in a sidewalk detour. RIOC knows it’s non-compliant but doesn’t care. No amount of red flag waving gets the State’s attention.

You can’t shame the shameless.

Then, last evening as dusk gathered, I walked down Main Street on an errand. What I saw was hard to believe, even for RIOC.


The sidewalk detour set up by RIOC’s contractor led straight into a parked car. There was no way around, except into traffic.

I never used the word gobsmacked before, but I was.


How could anyone be thickheaded enough to think this is okay? How could RIOC allow it?

Pedestrians openly forced to walk in traffic by State’s contractor.

The only way through requires dodging Main Street traffic. It’s true for wheelchairs, moms with strollers, dog walkers, everyone.

And it was getting dark. Street lighting is poor here, and there is no alternate side to walk on.

RIOC + Contractor = WTF

Fiber optic cables are being laid, and RIOC reports that their primary contractor is Crown Castle, but the work is being done by others, probably subcontractors.

Crown Castle is paying RIOC for the privilege of improving cellular access Island-wide.

Is this an exception?

Well, no.

Crown Castle monster lamppost, along West Promenade.
Crown Castle promised RIOC their substitute lampposts would blend right in.

RIOC cut a deal with Crown Castle without Board approval to improve cellular access by installing new lampposts. Crown Castle promised they’d blend in perfectly with the classics already in place.

Their monster lampposts don’t, of course, and they disgrace the waterfront and Good Shepherd Plaza.

Today, I’ll try not to notice whatever the hell they’re up to.

Just like RIOC.

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