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Protests against Related grow


Protests against Related grow spread the Hamptons nationwide. A Trump fundraiser outraged people who suddenly discovered they were unwitting contributors.

Protests Against Related grow…

Related Companies founder Stephen Ross raised money for Donald Trump’s reelection in the Hamptons. Protests vibrated into New York City and across the country.

Anger struck hard against Related’s high-profile Hudson Yards project as two artists pulled their work from The Shed. The art and performance space recently opened along the High Line, a feeder park for Hudson Yards.

The story was first reported in ArtNet news.

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Hudson Yards promotes The Shed as the “merger of high-tech and social justice,” but not so fast said A.L. Steiner and Zackary Drucker.

On August 10th, the day after the Trump fundraiser, The Shed agreed to let them leave. Their art was removed.

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Steiner and Drucker join boycotters of SoulCycle and Equinox, both owned by Related, in active protests. Fashion designers Rag & Bone likewise yanked runway shows planned for Hudson Yards and The Shed.

Early this month, we reported on Related’s investment in Roosevelt Island. They partner with Hudson in Southtown and are part of the failing Main Street Retail fiasco.

So far, the uprising has not affected Ross’s support for his billionaire buddy, Donald Trump.

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