An All New RIOC WTF Moment: The Traffic Safety Town Hall That Wasn’t…

An All New RIOC WTF Moment: The Traffic Safety Town Hall That Wasn’t…

Fifteen minutes before RIOC’s virtual Traffic Safety Town Hall was set to begin, Frank Farance emailed the state agency’s managers. “The meeting link for tonight’s town hall meeting is still not visible…” It never became visible. WTF?

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News.

The Traffic Safety Town Hall That Wasn’t

Among other things, management might explain RIOC’s widely criticized and belated overreaction to recent accidents involving injuries and the death of a dog.

“RIOC will be hosting a Traffic Safety Town Hall and would like you to attend!” said a RIOC Advisory. It was repeated as recently as Sunday.

“Join us virtually on Wednesday, November 17th, at 6 PM, as we discuss Main Street and island promenades as it pertains to Traffic safety.

“Be a part of the conversation and click here to submit any question you may have regarding island Traffic safety. To view the meeting visit,”

But it never happened, and something else never happened. RIOC’s vaunted Communications Team never informed anyone about a cancellation. Nothing. In fact, the state agency’s Live webpage still lists the event but says it “hasn’t started yet.”


As of this morning, there is no indication of what went off the rails or why RIOC’s well-paid, four-member Communications Team chalked up another failure. Under normal circumstances, we’d expect some word from RIOC today, but nothing about RIOC is normal. So, we’ll hang on an extended WTF for now.

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