Truth Squad: Is Roosevelt Island Really the “safest community in New York City…?”

Truth Squad: Is Roosevelt Island Really the “safest community in New York City…?”

Local blogger RI Copy & Paste quotes PSD Chief Kevin Brown: Roosevelt Island “… remains … the safest community in New York City.” Is that true or even close to it?

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

The setting was the latest monthly Public Safety Engagement Meeting held by RIOC in the Good Shepherd Community Center.

PSD Public Safety Department Chief Kevin Brown kicked off the meeting with that claim. And the gullible eat it up like it’s served on a spoon, taking part in a bogus assertion rivaling RIOC’s decades old lies about Roosevelt Island’s population.

Is Roosevelt Island the Safest Community in New York City?

Although RI Copy & Paste reported 35 people attending the event, RIOC’s own photo of empty seats proved that’s untrue. Frank Farance, second row in white shirt, records the meeting, but maybe he should have looked around a little. You see 15 people, including Farance and RIOC employees.

Free speech allows any American to say whatever they want. Credibility is up to the listener, and we have countless lessons in recent history. We can look at motives later, but as for safety and crime, statistics can mislead.

Some crimes, like PSD officers manhandling a small, female delivery truck driver last year, are simply not reported. Others, like the endless stream of traffic violations ignored by officers, never make the database.

So, claims based on simple statistics can’t be taken at face value. They always need context.

For that reason, we did a little research. We found a more objective look at reality on the two most recent articles posted online about the safest neighborhoods in New York City.

Here’s a fun fact: Roosevelt Island doesn’t make the cut on either.

In a City Guide posted on PODS, 8 of the Safest Neighborhoods in New York City, from April this year, Roosevelt Island can’t be found.

Similarly, NYC Property Club, posting the Safest Neighborhoods in NYC on July 1st, less than a month ago, does not put Roosevelt Island on their list.

What’s Going On Here?

Boosting rents, selling homes, it’s commonplace for sales puffs to appear in promotions. “Ours is the best…?” “Nobody beats the Wiz…”

What is RIOC’s Public Safety Department selling here?

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