Shelton’s Believe It or Not: He Now Wants the Board to “Expand” His “Powers”

In The Daily’s first installment of Shelton’s Believe It or Not, we introduce you to a remarkable move set for approval by his weak-as-diner-coffee board.

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What’s worse than RIOC seizing space in historic Blackwell House? Answer: Demanding free parking to go with it.

RIOC seizing space in Blackwell House, giving president/CEO Shelton Haynes a new office, was classic bad optics. But it took just a single week to top it as the state gobbled up sparse street parking, reserving them for his “guests…”

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Is the internal RIOC attack team now turning on CEO Shelton Haynes?

A leading figure in the internal RIOC attack team accused of leading the charge against RIOC’s fired CEO Susan Rosenthal resurfaced. A March Twitter post shows her taking a whack at Governor Cuomo as well as RIOC’s “unethical leaders.”

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Unfit for the job? RIOC’s new leader attacks local critics

Is RIOC’s new leader, Shelton Haynes, unfit for the job? He doesn’t think so. “I would expect more respect and appreciation for all of the work we do,” he said. That was the last line in an angry public email, attacking historian Judith Berdy.

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Why Fire Susan Rosenthal? It’s Not What You Think, She Argues, In Recent Filing

Why fire Susan Rosenthal? Papers filed since her June dismissal expose a case against her that’s as weak as it is indefensible. If a Swiss cheese had as many holes, you’d demand your money back for the sandwich. And RIOC’s feckless board of directors takes the biggest hit for utter spinelessness.

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Cuomo Appoints Haynes as RIOC Head in a Blow to Roosevelt Island’s Democracy Movement

In what may be a fatal blow to Roosevelt Island’s fading democracy movement, Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed Shelton Haynes as President and Chief Executive at RIOC. Its board of directors, theoretically responsible for executive hirings, genuflected north toward Albany.

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