Is the internal RIOC attack team now turning on CEO Shelton Haynes?

Is the internal RIOC attack team now turning on CEO Shelton Haynes?

A leading figure in the internal RIOC attack team accused of leading the charge against RIOC’s fired CEO Susan Rosenthal resurfaced. A March Twitter post shows her taking a whack at Governor Cuomo as well as RIOC’s “unethical leaders.”

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island Daily News

Internal RIOC attack team back in action…

Because the tweet may have been removed, we’re relying on a screenshot. The source prefers remaining unnamed because of RIOC’s history of punishing critics.

Tweet attributed to the internal RIOC attack team.

“Genie Stocks” is a pseudonym for longtime RIOC staffer Karline Jean (Twitter: Karline72544217). The accompanying photo and slipshod grammar further confirm her identity.

In her tweet, she links RIOC into Albany scandals over Cuomo’s alleged bullying.

Jean played a critical role in Rosenthal’s dismissal, penning the original, widely distributed email provoking what expanded into an ambush.

In the past, she’s believed to have been closely linked with the “cabal” accused of undermining RIOC management for years.

That cabal, as described by Rosenthal, seized gobs of new authority within the state agency in the aftermath of Rosenthal’s firing. And they now control a considerable portion of RIOC’s agenda.

What happened here…?

Why Jean charged Cuomo and “unethical” RIOC leaders with misconduct is unknown, but it flies against the attack team’s previous positions.

The attack on Rosenthal brought changes apparently sought by the internal RIOC attack team, removing a leader in favor of a preferred underling. That underling was Shelton Haynes, then a Vice President promoted by Rosenthal.

But while it’s unclear that Haynes is the target of the Twitter attack, it was coincidental with his appointment as CEO by Cuomo. And although it’s the RIOC board’s responsibility to hire and fire execs, they effectively do neither.

Instead, they genuflect north to Albany.

At least partly because they never make waves, the internal RIOC attack team fills a vacuum of discontent themselves.

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