Haynes powers up the RIOC clown car again. New  lies and unforced errors

Haynes powers up the RIOC clown car again. New lies and unforced errors

Yes, he’s at it again. Shelton J. Haynes, RIOC’s embattled CEO, is again the subject of a wildly inaccurate article claiming he invented the internet… No, sorry, that was Al Gore. But this one’s just as crazy and even more engorged with artificial intelligence-accented bloviating.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Let’s cut to the chase. Sometimes it’s good that RIOC is so detached from the community because, here, only the state gets humiliated.

Here’s the verbatim headline: Shelton Haynes and RIOC Spearhead OMNY for Roosevelt Island Tramway.

Imagine the surprise at the MTA headquarters where, according to our sources, Haynes is not exactly held in high regard. That’s after he blasted them in a February 2022 letter to elected officials. It was considered so scurrilous and damaging, RIOC retracted it within a few hours without Haynes’s signature.

Now the Fun with Haynes at it Again

An avalanche of Shelton Haynes promotions tumbled down the internet in recent months. Some were less than awful. Others were spiked with over-the-top claims of greatness. All had at least a few errors.

But this week’s baby is a doozy. Let’s start with the cover photo.

Here we have Haynes surrounded by Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, who left office a year ago, and Erica Spencer-EL who he fired inrly ea 2022. And there’s Jeffrey Escobar who resigned from the board in 2020.

This is the Roosevelt Island Youth Center’s re-opening in 2021 and has nothing to do with OMNY or the Tram. Here’s the official deer-stuck-in-the-headlights photo from that event.

RIOC and Haynes seemed unaware of the OMNY/Tram event much in advance, so much so, they never sent out an advisory, before or after.

But here they are, at it again, pushing a false narrative to the rest of the world.

Shelton the Great

Here’s what the caption under the photo of the Youth Center re-opening said:

“Shelton Haynes, the forward-thinking CEO and President of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), recently oversaw a groundbreaking development transforming the daily commute for Roosevelt Island residents and visitors.”

Hm, but then it got funny.

“Roosevelt Island’s iconic tramway has entered the digital age with the introducing-pay system.”

The what?

This is the poorly managed AI output we’ve been warned about. Facts are invented.

You Can’t Make This Up Department

Here’s a direct quote from the article. Extra credit if you can read straight through with blinking.

“Shelton Haynes highlights another significant benefit of the OMNY system: automatic enrollment in the MTA’s “best fare” program. Under this program, riders who use the same card or device for tram rides and other MTA services within a day or seven days receive the most competitive fare for each trip. This program encompasses both tramway rides on MTA buses and subway and tramway rides immediately upon the first tap, ensuring that riders enjoy the lowest possible fares. For the first 11 rides during the seven days, customers are charged $2.90 per the seven days benefit from a reduced rate of $2.10 for their 12th and 13th rides. Beyond these trips, all rides within the seven days are free, although passengers must continue to tap their cards or devices.”

from Haynes and RIOC Spearhead OMNY for Roosevelt Island Tramway

Look, this isn’t simply dripping in errors, it doesn’t make sense, no matter how you look at it.

It does appear that someone supporting Haynes was involved because a couple of other bogus articles are back-linked within this gumbo of nonsense. And whoever he, she or they are, they are in need of an emergency basic writing course. Or maybe rehab.

And Haynes is quoted saying, “We believe the OMNY station will be more We travelers…”


This leaves us wondering when, if ever, the weak-kneed Hochul administration will put a stop to these tumbling state-approved embarrassments.

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