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An Idea Long Overdue – Sen. Liz Krueger Pushes Local Wine in Grocery Stores


Wine in grocery stores is not a foreign concept in much of America as it is here in New York State. Wine bottles rest comfortably alongside aisles of baked beans, potato chips and Cheerios in many locations. Krueger along with Assembly Member Pamela Hunter introduced a bill aimed at dragging New York slightly into the Twenty-First Century.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Wine in Grocery Stores, the Simple Logic

“I have been championing this issue – allowing consumers to buy wine in their local grocery stores – for many years. When friends come to visit from places like Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, or DC, they’re often dismayed to discover the law won’t let them buy wine in the grocery store,” Senator Krueger said. “But it’s time to change that this year.”

But there’s also a promotional twist. The bill includes “incentives for selling New York State wines (reduced license renewal fees based on NY wine sales).”

It’s a solid boost for “buy local” when choosing wines, and with New York vineyards rating high in quality, it’s a win-win.

Another plus is in revenue as the new law would bring the opportunity for around 1,900 new liquor licenses.

And there’s bi-partisan support with a Siena Poll showing 76% of New Yorkers in favor.

An idea whose time has come.

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