Who is Sirene Louveteau, and what am I supposed to do with this gift?


“A Japanese artist donated a 7 foot statue to us with an enormous penis,” a friend texted. Sculpted by Sirene Louevteau, it wouldn’t work in his living room. “It’s costing me money to store it,” he added.

by David Stone

The sculpture is the creation of Sirene Louveteau, a Saatchi artist.

Sirène Louveteau is a clairvoyant and an angelic medium based in New York. Sirène’s visions of monstrous soup of galactic fairy tales are filled with mystic angels and beasts. Sirène pierces through the secret constellations of the ultra terrestrials and calls upon the entities to manifest themselves so that viewers may experience a visual feast unlike any other.

Contact Sirène for individualized auragraphs and spirit portraits. An auragraph is a creative and visual way of presenting a psychic reading. The images and colors in the drawing symbolically represent the client’s potential for his or her highest good.

Spirit portraits are portraits of the client’s loved ones in spirit. The drawing Sirène manifests could be a drawing of a family member in spirit, a guide, an angel, an elemental, an extraterrestrial, an ultra-terrestrial, etc. whom are pertinent to the client from other realities. Sirène also loves to draw portraits of client’s future mates and their offsprings. Commission Sirène for a drawing experience unlike any other. Sirène will act as a messenger and a conduit to deliver the most loving and helpful messages from your loved ones in spirit.

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“He also donated a 4 x 4‘ painting of vaginas,” my friend said. Also not good for his living room.

It’s not just the hands that are huge.

A Sirene Louveteau Dilemma: Why Are Must Be Wild and Free

The art world is vast and diverse, with a plethora of mediums, styles, and techniques to choose from. It’s a world where creativity knows no bounds, and imagination can run wild.

However, despite all of this variety, original art is too often constrained by the expectations of the market or society at large. It’s essential to preserve the wildness, personality, and freedom of original art.

Original art is a unique expression of the individuality and creativity of an artist. It’s a way for them to share their innermost thoughts, experiences, and perspectives with the world. It’s a realm of authenticity, where an artist can depict what they believe in, what they love, or what they fear.

However, when art is constrained by market forces, it ceases to be original and becomes a commodity. This situation kills the authenticity, passion, and uniqueness that defines original art.

That’s why the originality of the art must be wild, personal, and free – like that of Sirene Louveteau.

Original art reflects the soul of the artist; it’s an impression of their personality and passions. It’s a way for the viewer to engage with the artwork on an emotional level, connecting with something deeper than beauty or technical skill.

An artist’s individuality and uniqueness must be preserved, and that means allowing them the freedom to create what speaks most to them.

With this freedom, we have a chance to glimpse the artist’s perspective on the world, whether that’s hopeful, somber, or anything in between. Art must also be seen as a tool for communication, to share and express feelings in a way that transcends language.

To do this, art must be free of constraints, whether that’s societal norms, market expectations, or even censorship. Artists must be allowed the freedom to express what is often left unsaid because, in that expression, true innovation can arise.

The wildness, personal touch, and freedom of original art also allow for exploration and experimentation. It’s through taking risks and breaking barriers that we have seen the most revolutionary styles that have changed the course of art history.


Innovations like Impressionism, Expressionism, and Cubism all arose from artists willing to push boundaries and take risks. By allowing wildness in art, we create the space for new ideas and perspectives, ensuring that art remains continuous and always evolving.

The Art of Sirene Louveteau Conclusion:

The world of original art is one that must remain free from the limitations of external expectations. By allowing artists the freedom to be wild and personal, their work will remain a pure reflection of their being.

It’s in that authentic expression that viewers can connect with art on a level that is honest, emotional, and long-lasting.

Keeping original art free, vibrant, and varied is essential to keeping it enjoyable and relevant. By doing so, we allow art to remain a powerful means of communication and a tool for exploration and innovation. We can inspire and evoke change to push the boundaries of expression and creativity with original art.

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