Ways To Improve the Safety of Your Hotel

Ways To Improve the Safety of Your Hotel


Aside from the cleanliness and comfortable beds at your hotel, guests are very concerned with their safety. And they want to stay at an establishment that reassures them their protection is a priority. Hotel owners and operators know the challenges of managing and securing a hotel. They’re responsible for their guests and staff members’ welfare. Here are ways to improve the safety of your hotel.

Incorporate Risk Assessment

Knowledge is power. Learn where the potential risks and dangers are so that you can prepare for them. Discovering them makes it easier to implement preventative measures. Get a thorough risk assessment of the entire property. Find all vulnerable areas that need immediate attention. Have a reputable private security company assess the property. Hotel managers and operators aren’t experts in security and safety. It’s always better to let the professionals do it and inform you of their findings. They’ll also offer suggestions on the best tools and processes to solve the problems.

Upgrade the Security System

An outdated security system is never helpful. Technological advancements happen almost daily, and you can bet there are improvements in safety measures. Upgrade the system beyond new cameras and an alarm system. You need monitors directed at the parking areas, motion sensors, flood lights, etc. Focus on the focal points of the hotel, such as the entrance and side doors. A lot of misconceptions come with automatic sliding doors. Some assume they’re not good for protection, but operators can control when they want to close the doors and give the hotel a total shutdown.

Hire Security Guards

Hiring security guards is one of the best safety measures owners and managers can implement. Those who handle the front desk and check-ins don’t leave their post often. They need to be stationary for any guests that may have questions. But security guards are free to patrol the premises and ensure nothing seems off or potentially dangerous. If the system alerts the owners of a potential threat, security goes to check it out. They have the training to handle any threats or risks that may come their way. And they’ll radio in backup if necessary.

Train Your Staff

The members of your hotel staff don’t have the training of the security guards, but this doesn’t mean they can’t identify a threat when they see one. Train your staff to notice the warning signs of danger and what they should do in that situation. Their best option is notifying security. Make sure all staff members have a radio on their person so that they can contact necessary personnel. Keep lines of communication open, and update each other on any new developments. Train your staff every three to six months to keep the information fresh in their minds. Rely on experts and videos to provide examples. Improving the safety of your hotel keeps a steady stream of guests frequenting your business.

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