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RIOC’s Shameful and Disgusting Response to the Main Street Fatal Shooting


Earlier today, we shared news of a tragic incident that took place on Friday night at 540 Main Street, resulting in the unfortunate loss of a young man’s life.

NYPD officers were involved in this incident, and while it has deeply affected many, some have criticized the response from RIOC, perceiving it as lacking in compassion and genuine remorse. The victim’s mental health challenges, as well as the pain experienced by his family, add further weight to this somber event.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

We will include RIOC’s full advisory for our readers’ consideration. Our conclusion is that, since it says nothing about anything, its main purpose is claiming involvement by Public Safety, even if there is exactly zero evidence of it.

Bad from the start, RIOC actually positions PSD in front of NYPD where four officers found themselves confronted with extreme danger in real time. In fact, it implies that the situation escalated only after NYPD arrived on the scene.

RIOC’s response to the fatal shooting mirrors the extreme narcissism shown immediately after the Sportspark drowning last year. Then, a public notice architected by RIOC President/CEO Shelton J. Haynes, according to sworn court testimony, displayed no empathy toward the victim or his family.

There was no apology or extension of sympathy for a death by drowning on RIOC property.

RIOC’s Disgusting, Shameful and Self-Serving Advisory

Dear Residents and Community Members,

We would like to inform you about an incident that occurred late yesterday evening in the lobby of 540 Main Street. The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation Public Safety Department and New York Police Department (NYPD) responded to a distress call involving a family member who was being threatened by a relative armed with a knife. Upon NYPD arrival, the situation quickly escalated, resulting in a police officer-involved shooting.

The perpetrator charged at officers with a large brandished knife, NYPD officers discharged their tasers and firearms striking the perpetrator in an attempt to neutralize the threat and ensure the safety of all involved. The perpetrator was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. It was determined that the perpetrator suffered from mental illness and was under the influence at the time of the incident.

We are relieved to report that no officers or bystanders were injured during this incident. Our officers acted swiftly and professionally to address the threat and protect the safety of the community.

We extend our sincere gratitude to both NYPD and the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department for their rapid response and collaboration during this challenging situation. We also want to assure you that a comprehensive investigation is currently underway, led by the NYPD, as the primary investigatory agency. As such, further information regarding the incident will be released in accordance with their ongoing investigation.

We understand that incidents like these can be distressing for the community, and we remain committed to maintaining open lines of communication. We will provide updates as they become available and will continue to prioritize the safety and well-being of all residents and community members.

RIOC Advisory: Shooting at 540 Main Street”

Reducing the 21-year-old who died to a mere “perpetrator,” RIOC says that NYPD used tasers and guns to “…ensure the safety of all involved.” But “The perpetrator was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.”

Apparently, the victim’s safety was not considered or worth mentioning – in RIOC’s version, that is, not that of NYPD.

RIOC’s cruel disregard for the victim echoes the New York Post, which referred to him as a “maniac” who was “unhinged,” falling back in the bad old days of shaming mental illness.

Read the RIOC statement as many times as you like. You will not find word of concern for the young man whose life ended at 21 years nor for his family who certainly never hoped for this result when they called 911.

Further investigation will clear up many questions residents have. Like why wasn’t a mental health specialist on hand? NYPD officers are not trained as counselors, and only police officers know what it’s like to make life or death choices with no time to evaluate.

But RIOC can never undo this act of remorseless disregard for those who are suffering after losing a loved one.

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  1. If the family needs any help with funeral expenses, I would certainly donate if anyone sets up a GoFundMe. Can’t imagine what they are going through. Is there a way we can get body camera footage released? This seems so sketchy from the NYPD.

    • I agree, and I’d cover it to help get more exposure, but so far, neither NYPD nor RIOC have even provided the young man’s name. Body camera footage is vital, but NYPD has not even mentioned it. It’s an awful display of how not to keep the public informed, but the 114th and PSD have a history of withholding information that might make RIOC look bad. Neither, for example, has either released any official information about the Sportspark drowning from last year, not even the victim’s name or an autopsy report. No reason to expect better this time.

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