Love Is In the Air, Black Cat Style

Love Is In the Air, Black Cat Style

Love, black cat style is the theme for this heartfelt image. And love is in the air as hearts fill the room.

Featuring Cat Artist Deborah Julian

Black Cat Style, Love Is In the Air

Love is in the air, black cat style

Artwork by Deborah Julian

A popular print, this image sells on Etsy in three styles. There’s a 5 X 7 inch giclee print set in an 8 X 10 inch mat, and you can also buy it matted as an 8 X 10 print in an11 X 14 mat.

Prefer your own mat? 8 X 11 1/2 inches, not matted.

Handmade greeting cards…

Love, Black Cat Style is also popular as a handmade greeting card, sometimes used for weddings, engagements and anniversaries.

Buy in sets of 5.

More like Love, Black Cat Style from this artist…

Other popular cat artwork by Deborah Julian includes the hilarious Van Gogh’s Bedroom (with cats) and Black Cat in Monet’s Garden.

About Van Gogh’s Bedroom (with cats)

Local orphans, Georges, Sam and Guillaume adopted Van Gogh who was staying in a room that doubled as a gallery for his paintings. Not only did they love Vincent, with all the smells he brought home and dangling strings on his clothing, they gave him the easy companionship he seldom had anywhere else in his life. 

(In case his incredibly beautiful sunflowers created the wrong impression, you should know that even Van Gogh’s father was afraid of him and thought he should be committed to a sanatorium.) 

In Van Gogh’s Bedroom with Cats, you may not see the trouble right away. 

… From the book Famous Artists’ Cats by David Stone and Deborah Julian

Love is in the air in Monet’s Garden

What could be more perfect than a black cat contrasted with the delicate, floral tones of Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France. Monet spent the final decades of his life there, not just painting but also designing the gardens. We owe most of Monet art we love to his years there.

Buffalo’s Albright-Knox Museum once hosted a fantastic show of just his last works, nothing more, showing his evolution toward expressionism.

Cat Artist Deborah Julian

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