Thud! Did You Hear That? Shelton Haynes’s Latest Self-Promotion Hit the Swamp’s Bottom


After six months of articles boosting RIOC’s beleaguered Shelton J. Haynes, this particular thud had a resonance all its own. Since last autumn, RIOC communications chief Akeem Jamal worked hard at proving he wasn’t qualified for his $150K, plus benefits, annual salary. A series of embarrassingly puffy articles promoting Haynes had his byline. But now, an article pops up that doesn’t even rise to Jamal’s skill level.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

“He is a disgrace,” one observer wrote after reading the article in Highlight Story, Blog Yourself! “Notice he can only take credit for what others have completed…

“He does not have any accomplishments of his own that he can take credit for – except for terminating 60 plus hard working New Yorkers who had a dedication to the community and were more loyal to those individuals than they were to him.”

But s/he let Haynes off easy.

For starters, this poorly composed piece of trash, Shelton Haynes Focuses on New Strategies for Roosevelt Island, kicks off with an ancient photo taken before The Girl Puzzle was even an idea. But that doesn’t prevent Haynes from taking credit for it.

“We are proud of leading the charge in support of statues featuring women, having commissioned such an important piece of work,” Haynes says.

Fact Check: Haynes’s predecessor, Susan Rosenthal, set up a committee that commissioned The Girl Puzzle. Haynes did not participate on that committee.


The performance goes on through an article that, rehashing earlier false claims, would get, maybe, a C from a high school English teacher. Most of it is hardly worth quoiting because you’ve already seen it all before.

But one doozy stands out.

“Recent community developments include a dramatic expansion of space and programs at the island’s Youth Center….” wait for it… “which is viewed as Shelton Haynes’s legacy project.”

By whom exactly?

The Youth Center was shutdown earlier this year because someone failed to get proper licensing for “Haynes’s legacy project.”

Note to Haynes: This level of promotion will not help you get another job, and duplicate content is an internet no-no. If there is anything The Daily can do to help you move on, please let us know.

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