RIOC Cleaned Up Good Shepherd Plaza. Let’s Keep Going.

RIOC Cleaned Up Good Shepherd Plaza. Let’s Keep Going.

Let’s keep going. After weeks of pushing, RIOC pitched in, cleaning up Good Shepherd Plaza and improving the historic space. But why stop there when so many other fixtures can benefit?

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

“Restore these,” she said, sending over photos of the Roosevelt Island red trash cans aligning Main Street.

Why install pricey equipment if you have no intention of maintaining it? The paint’s chipped, stained and faded. It makes a bad impression.

When then RIOC President/CEO Susan Rosenthal okayed the pricey cans, the flack got heavy. Locals accused her of wasting money, but they proved their value. They’ve been sturdy while adding color to Main Street, but nothing lasts forever.

And these babies need a coat of fresh paint. Keep going, RIOC. You can make a big positive impact the easy way.

Forget for a moment, if you can, that this looks like hell, and ask yourself how anyone could be dumb enough to tape restricted parking notices that face in a direction that drivers can’t see.

Keep Going on These Too

And while you’re at it, can someone tell the Public Safety Department that temporary restricted parking signs don’t belong on trash cans – facing the wrong way yet. Amateurish, they already look like hell, and does anyone know where 513 Main Street is? Google Maps can’t find it.

For some reason, RIOC thinks free parking for heavy equipment is a good idea.

Another resident is puzzled over why tree beds built into Main Street’s sidewalks for esthetic purposes are not maintained. Some are just empty. Whatever trees they once housed are gone and left no trace.

A good idea for urban beautification is neglected, but you might get to trip and fall over it if you’re not careful. Or just visiting with a friend while you walk.

Others are barren, trunks rising from the bare ground with exposed roots. All are trip hazards.

Why not keep going, RIOC? Weeds are everywhere along with litter. You’ve got the staff, and they are willing to work. Some management might help.

Here’s a five-minute job…

And what’s with the free parking for heavy equipment on the promenade?

Where is our bus shelter?

The tourist-popular RI sign is back in the Tram Plaza. Can you bring back the bus shelter too? It’s been a month, and winter is coming. Is it so much to ask?

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