The Roosevelt Island Branch of the NYPL Gets a Boost


As we reported earlier, the Roosevelt Island Branch of the New York Public Library is in the hunt for substantial funds from participatory budgeting. City Council Member Julie Menin is set to hand out $1 million for nonprofit projects. Yesterday, her team landed on Main Street to give the local bid a boost.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

The Roosevelt Island Branch

Roosevelt Island Branch of the NYPL, visit from Julie Menin's team.
Roosevelt Island NYPL Branch Manager Carlos Chavez (left) welcomes Cameron and Mimi from Julie Menin’s office yesterday. They came to boost chances for hundreds of thousands on participatory budgeting funds.

The Roosevelt Island Branch of the NYPL stands to win big, sharing a quarter of million dollars in technology upgrades. Participatory Budgeting opens the door for your deciding how tax dollars are spent, and City Council Member Julie Menin is all in.

“We’re encouraging folks to vote online,” Cameron told The Daily. “But for those without broadband access or not great with technology, we’re helping with in-person voting as well.”

Earlier, Menin announced a list of “9 items—each ranging in cost from $64,000 to $550,000—that will be put for a vote between April 2 through April 10. The projects with the most votes up until $1 million has been accounted for will be funded,” she said.

The Roosevelt Island Branch, teaming up with two others, is bidding on $25,000 in technology improvements.

So, how does it work and where do I vote?

All votes must be in this week, and there are two options:

  1. Stop by the Roosevelt Island Branch of the NYPL at 504 Main Street. Menin’s team dropped off paper ballots with Manager Carlos Chavez yesterday. Residents filling them out can leave their votes at the library where they’ll be turned in on Saturday.
  2. Vote online. A website has been set up here. Look for “Technology Upgrades at New York Public Libraries.” You’ll need to sign in before you vote. The site will accept your votes until Sunday.

There’s plenty of strong competition; so, your vote matters in making Roosevelt Island’s Main Street even stronger.

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