Island Discount or… Poll Captures A Very American Response


When initial reactions were so strong over the arrival of Island Discount on Main Street, we took a poll to find out where all that was coming from. The results reflect a clearly American response. And not just in the voting.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

An American Response To A Roosevelt Island Poll

Our poll results surprised us, not because we expected a lopsided result but because the votes were so evenly divided.

We’ll give you the breakdown in a second, but first, there was more than just votes. There was also the thoroughly American crankiness. While most comments reflected firm points of view, others were simply ugly.

One Facebook post: “Haters gonna hate.” The guy resented anyone else having opinions differing from his, calling them “haters.” That’s the American way for some, these days.

Another reflected a flavor of the month. Posting a poll at all was “bullying.”

So maybe we’re more mainstream on Roosevelt Island than we thought.

The Results

The poll broke down in three ways: 1) Great or Good; 2) Wait and See; and 3) Awful or Bad.

A friend of mine used to say, “I have strong feelings both ways,” reflecting indecisiveness. That pretty much is where Roosevelt Islanders stand on Island Discount.

The American Response:

  • Wait and See – 37%
  • Great – 30%
  • Disgusting – 30%
  • No Opinion – 3%

An even split.

While this is far from what any storeowner would want, it shows a strong opportunity to win over a large undecided group of Wait and See voters.

For the best benefit of Roosevelt Island, we hope sentiments shift positive, but the owner has a long way to go after a mediocre start.

Maybe we’ll check back with another poll later on.

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