The AVAC Is Broken Again, Says RIOC’s Vague Alert


News that the AVAC is broken again stumbled out of RIOC‘s alleged Communications Team’s alert system yesterday afternoon. We think so, that is, because they said, “…under service repair…” instead. We interpret that as meaning “broken.”

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

The AVAC Is Broken Alert

Please be advised that the AVAC system is under service repair at the following locations:

  • 531 Main St.
  • South of the AVAC plant (728 Main St.) to 460 Main St. (along the east side line)

The NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY) is currently onsite working on the issue.

As lacking as it is in details, the alert’s a step up for the state agency that never makes a mistake. Previously, they let the stink accumulate for two months before public shaming pushed them into a public notice.

But it’s still lame. 531 Main is Rivercross and 460 Main is the new, discounted rental property in Southtown, the same area blamed for shutting down the AVAC for months, starting in the spring. Although it has not been consistently functional at any time since May, RIOC blamed an improperly discarded bed frame. That, however, was cleared out in September.

What’s the problem now? They don’t say. What buildings are out of service? They don’t say. And, for how long… well, this is RIOC and you know the answer.

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