Conway Ekpo Leaves RIOC’s Board, Creating New Opening


Last week, RIOC announced via Instagram that Conway Ekpo left its board of directors. It was a rarity with him departing the instant his three-year term expired, suggesting some discomfort with the assignment.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

By any accounts, Ekpo’s time on the RIOC board was strange. An experienced, highly qualified lawyer, he didn’t join any committees. At public meetings, he spoke only to acknowledge attendance and to vote in favor of every piece of business presented.

But he was capable of much more, and that vacuum may never be explained. It is, however, consistent with shutting down transparency and accountability under President/CEO Shelton J. Haynes.

On his LinkedIn Page, Ekpo says this…

I am a former Wall Street lawyer who has transitioned to the fintech industry. I currently provide legal guidance regarding financial and tech products for a decacorn fintech startup, Brex. In addition, I sit on the advisory boards for several minority-owned fintech startups.

Conway Ekpo (right) with Congressman Jerry Nadler and Shelton Haynes at the Sportspark ribbon-cutting.

The inconsistency with his sitting silent for three years is glaring.

RIOC’s Board After Ekpo

His exit immediately shifts the balance on RIOC’s board from the stale inactivity that’s allowed the failures of the Hochul/Haynes administration to a fresher look. Whether the three new recently appointed board members can or will change the tone is unknown. But we should get some idea when they meet next on the 29th.

This also opens up another board seat, and of some note, two current board members – Howard Polivy and David Kraut – remain in place long after their terms expired. So, the potential exists for a fully refocused board with genuine interest in the concerns of Roosevelt Islanders.

It’s a test of Governor Hochul’s resolve and commitment to the community. She not only has sole authority in appointing board members, but for all intents, her Executive Chamber manages its day-to-day operations.

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