When RIOC’s New Constituent Services Are Anything But

When RIOC’s New Constituent Services Are Anything But

Her query to Constituent Services was unexceptional. In fact, Janet Falk had been pursuing a remedy for a couple of years. “When will there be toilet facilities near the Octagon tennis courts?” she wanted to know. With the new system opened up at RIOC, she thought she had a chance. How wrong could she be?

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Before RIOC’s flaky Constituent Services rolled out as an effort two ward off criticisms from State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright and Senator Liz Krueger, Falk tried a traditional route. She wrote an email to President/CYA Shelton Haynes.

She went into detail about why the absence of nearby facilities was a serious shortcoming.

“Thank you for following up.  We are  discussing your inquiry internally and will provide an update soon,” answered Haynes’s executive assistant, Aida Morales.

That was two years ago, but terrible as that blow off was, it was better than what she got now.

Smacked Back by Constituent Services

Frankly, I wouldn’t use RIOC’s new “constituent service” thing if my life depended on it. I don’t think Akeem, etc. were serious, and it looks I might be right. Or maybe Janet is on their s—tlist…  Everything is possible.

Roosevelt Island Observer

That’s what one longtime Roosevelt Islander said after learning about Falk’s experience with “Akeem etc.”

Full Disclosure: The Roosevelt Island Daily has been on that list for nearly three years. Boss Haynes has notified employees they would be fired instantly if caught talking with us about anything, even the weather or favorite movies.

But most residents had greater expectations. Falk did.

On Monday, she sent Constituent Services a cheerful note: “I spoke with Akeem Jamal on Roosevelt Island Day regarding the need for a Port-o-San at the Octagon Tennis Courts.” And she continued with details about the situation, eager to finally get this moving.

The response was nothing short of shocking.

“Your message to constituentservices@rioc.ny.gov has been blocked,” it said.

Three days later, we asked Falk if she’d heard anything more from Haynes, Jamal, RIOC or Constituent Services.

“Not a word,” she wrote.

Way to go, Team RIOC!

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