Why RIOC PSD Blocked the Subway Even After It Opened

Why RIOC PSD Blocked the Subway Even After It Opened

Late this morning, PSD blocked the subway entrance at Roosevelt Island, after it opened and was clearly running. Why? Best guess: An epidemic of elbow ass distinction disorder (EADD) at RIOC.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Does stupidity have and expiration date?

UPDATE, September 3rd, 7:00 a.m.: At 6:24 this morning, the MTA sent this announcement: “F trains serve all stations but service is extremely limited because of residual damage from Wednesday night’s storm.”

But less than 15 minutes later RIOC contradicted them, at the same time misspelling Queensbridge and failing to capitalize Manhattan: “The F train is running to manhattan. the Queens bound F Train is running to 21St Queens bridge which will be the last stop.”

Illiteracy is running side by side with inaccurate information. While this is one more unforced error by RIOC, two things are certain. One, the state agency is at least aware enough that they won’t block the station today.

And two, they will never admit a mistake or apologize for screwing up so badly yesterday.


“F service is suspended between ‌21 St-Queensbridge and Jamaica-179 St. Trains are running between ‌Coney Island-Stillwell Av and 21 St-Queensbridge.”

That’s what the MTA said on its website, and countdown clocks confirmed it. But the state agency was having none of it.

The Public Safety Department stretched tape across the entrance and parked an officer there, proving they meant business.

Roosevelt Island Subway Station PSD blocked the subway just before 11:00, this morning.

I suggested that the trains were actually running, and it was reflected in the countdown clock, a few feet away.

“Look,” I said. “It says an F’s coming into the station, right now.”

“Only running between Stillwell and Queensbridge,” she said.

Well, yeah, that means…

Admittedly, an early e-mail blast was arguably worse. It made its case by announcing that the Tram and Red Buses resumed services. Trouble was, they never said they stopped.

But in the end, the EADD award goes to Public Safety because, defying the MTA’s own announcement and some obvious evidence, they continue refusing entry as of 2:30 p.m.

The evidence? People are exiting the subway and passing PSD as they exit.

Only a fool — or RIOC, the state agency that never makes a mistake — would miss that.

Thank you, RIOC, for making a hard day for Roosevelt Islanders even worse.

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