Why Do You Need Smoking Shelters at Work?

Why Do You Need Smoking Shelters at Work?


At their most basic, smoking shelters are outdoor enclosures where people smoke. However, they offer benefits beyond being a designated smoking spot. They’re important aspects of various establishments. To understand their importance, learn why you need smoking shelters at work.

Reduces Cigarette Butt Litter

Scattered cigarette butts aren’t visually pleasing for any business. People may assume the establishment is unkempt or has cigarette smoking lingering in the halls. Companies can reduce cigarette butt litter with a smoking shelter. The enclosures have smoking poles and trash cans that hold debris. This way, establishments maintain a clean appearance.

Helps Keep the Air Clean

Federal laws mandate that people smoke outside because secondhand smoke lingers indoors. However, one myth about secondhand smoke is that open space means less exposure. Open spaces are equally dangerous for non-smokers to inhale toxic gases. Fortunately, smoking shelters are designated areas to smoke away from non-smokers. Thus, keeping the air clean.

Offers a Safe Environment To Smoke

Smoking shelters have specific placements that are visible to employees and customers. Visibility plays a huge role in safety. Without shelters, people may wander to secluded areas (making them vulnerable to crime). The enclosures offer a level of safety and security.

Accommodate Smokers

You need smoking shelters at work because it accommodates smokers. For many people, smoking is a stress-relieving activity. A shelter offers a safe spot to relax away from the workplace. Consider it an outdoor break room. Instead of standing in random areas, companies recognize smoking employees/customers with these enclosures. It enhances workplace culture as people are free to take smoke breaks.

Protects People From Inclement Weather

Smoking isn’t enjoyable in inclement weather. After all, who wants to stand outside during a downpour? Luckily, smoking enclosures feature roofs to shield people. This gives people the freedom to smoke regardless of the weather. Some shelters have heaters and solar lighting to make the space more comfortable (especially in cold weather).

Enhance Socialization

Although smoking is a stress reliever, the activity has a social aspect. Smoking enclosures invite people to stand together. People interact with each other in one place. For customer-facing businesses, the social aspect may encourage individuals to revisit the company. For other establishments, the shelter enhances employee bonds. Workers talk to each other in and outside traditional work areas.

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