Racism on the Red Bus: Lost and Found or Left Behind?


Racism on the Red Bus stunk its way onto an Octagon Red Bus yesterday, the first day of Black History Month. Found on a seat, it was either lost or – more likely – deliberately left there.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Racism pervades American culture, and Roosevelt Island was never an exception. But finding it so openly, casually left on a Red Bus during morning rush hour still disappoints.

“It’s a self-made pamphlet someone printed at home and left on the Red Bus for people to see,” the finder said.

It was filled with racist remarks and Christian biblical quotes.

“I wonder if more are placed in other areas of the island,” he wrote.

We wonder too. Please report any other sightings here: davestone13@gmail.com. We’d love to track the author down and let the community know who did it.

Or, leave a comment below.

We appreciate it.

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